AE Gil Technologies are specialist in providing innovative solutions and equipment to the Packaging, Print and Mailing Industry, with reliable and robust platforms.  We work from the ground up, implementing solutions, maintaining those solutions and offering back up support, comprehensive operator training, on phone support, to being there in person.  AE Gil Technologies philosophy of building strong client relationships with enviable service, support, custom engineering and sales of new and rebuilt machinery.

AE Gil Technologies is proudly 100% Kiwi Owned & Operated Company, that all started from the humble beginnings of a Chevy Truck and a tool box.  Today, AE Gil Technologies represents the best brands in Industrial Ink Jet Systems and Solutions, HP inks, Packaging, Intelligent Mailing, Feeding and Tabbing Systems in the business under the umbrella of the brands IM Connect, Inc.Jet, Kao Collins Ink, Kirk Rudy and Thiele Technologies.  AE Gil Technologies has a close relationship with IM Connect, a multinational company headed by Heros Dilanchian, who travels the world searching and developing new technology.  This fortifies AE Gil Technologies ability to source the latest developments on offer in the world. 

Our Engineering Facility based in Manukau, Auckland enables us to custom design & engineer, rebuild, upgrade and integrate with our clients changing needs, we pride ourselves on quality workmanship and getting the job done. 

Parts and Service

AE Gil Technologies have trained engineers to help you with your service requirements NZ wide.  We carry full inventory and stock of our brands. 


Industrial Ink Jet Systems

AE Gil Technologies have supported the Inc.Jet Brand since 1999, many systems are now installed and are proven in NZ and Australia.  A Custom-Built GUI software is the heart of the Inc.Jet System this provides the user with the flexibility to run any type of print cartridge and printer layout.  Mechanically this system is robust which provides perfect alignment during print and designs to stop damage on impact. 

Competitors Printer options are often bulky limited in speed and quality, requiring ventilation systems, solvent drenched rags and dangerous chemical solvents.  With Inc.Jet you have none of this, just print!

Packaging Systems

AE Gil Technologies are specialist in solutions for Feeding, Controlling, Guiding, and Collecting any number of different materials, on and off line.  Many modules can integrate to various machines i.e. packing, printing, labelling etc. 

We are proud to be dealers for Kirk Rudy.  Kirk Rudy is an American based company specialising in custom machines and modules to fill the purpose of Feeding and Controlling all types of materials.  Well-engineered, robust and built for a lifetime. 

If you have a demand for high speed and efficiency whether it be printing on plastic or feeding, transporting/conveying goods, you need to talk to us.


Quality Ink for HP Industrial Systems

AE Gil Technologies offer a range of user friendly, high quality finish inks, that suit HP Industrial Systems.  If you’re after high speed, quality print and performance AE Gil Technologies have solutions for TIJ Thermal Ink Jet printheads that provide aggressive dry times and per menace onto difficult substrates.  These solutions are US designed and manufactured, brand new cartridges with the highest chemical engineering of ink formulations known to the industry.  Ink formulation options include water, dye based, nil solvent, and solvent high pigment for permanent and highly ascetic print, which can be read there after in any process including postal (very high speed with quality print). 

Our team

Vanessa and Andre



Vanessa Gil, originally from Corporate Management and Sales in the Rag Trade, to over 14 years in the Mail, Print and Packaging industry ensures a smooth operation from freight to logistics.  Her passion is people and cooking, which she has a reputation for baking a mean batch of Mexican Wedding Cookies!



Andre Gil, Trade Engineer has over 35 years’ experience in the Mail, Print and Packaging industry.  His passion is custom design and engineering to meet industry needs and provide solutions.  This extends to National Level Motorsport with design and manufacturing for performance and aesthetically pleasing components. 


Custom Engineering

Flexibility is the key and we can achieve this with our custom engineering division.

Our highly trained engineering and automation team, can design, manufacture and apply systems to your unique application.  Just dream it and we can build it!  AE Gil Technologies listen, get an understanding of your needs, design and implement full solutions that will always ascetically please the customer and the environment. 


AE Gil Technologies Environment, Health & Safety

Environmentally Friendly

AE Gil Technologies believe the key to sustainability is to continually adapt to the challenges of our changing environment and landscape. Together we can all make a difference.


AE Gil Technologies are passionate about energy and resource efficiency. This extends beyond our work environment to our clients and their teams health, safety and well-being. We can now replace yesterday’s MEK based Systems, which are harmful to people and the environment with our hybrid ink - nil solvent with no odour and minimal mess inks.


AE Gil Technologies are committed to offering sustainable solutions – our flexible options include providing, new, refurbished, and in some cases repurposed equipment, that can be integrated into existing systems.

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