We have a wide range of specialty Industrial Ink Solutions to print on almost any substrates with a high-quality finish.  All our inks are user friendly and will maximise performance.  We can now replace yesterday’s MEK based Systems, which are harmful to people and the environment with our hybrid ink – nil solvent with no odour and minimal mess inks. 

PrimeX Ink Cartridges

PrimeX was designed to take the next stage in printing on non-porous substrates.  It is ideal for use with a wide variety of plastics, metals and even glass.  The solvent based formula dries rapidly on many difficult substrates and has an excellent de-cap time. 

IU712 Black UV LED Curable Ink

IU 712 is designed for printing on substrates with low surface energy, and also works well on semi porous surfaces.  Both text and bar codes can be printed on foil, vinyl, glass, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, Polystyrene, polyester, and a wide variety of synthetic label materials.  Available in HP 45 cartridges, IU712 cures rapidly with either UV LED or mercury lamps.

TWK 1818H Ink (fast dry, semi gloss)

TWK 1818H is a special Heads-Up formulation not drying on the head and extremely darker print resulting in the ultimate drying print high resolution.  It is formulated to print on both coated and non-coated stocks, providing permanence.  


All ink cartridges are maintenance friendly, just clean the print head with a lint free cloth.  


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